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United Kingdom
:star: | UK | Cosplayer | 21 | Genderfluid | They/Them preferred | :star:


Cons this year:
>Telford Expo: 15th February
>Birmingham Expo: 22nd March

>Kitacon: 28th-30th March
>May Expo: 23th-25th May
>[Japan Expo?]
>Hyper Japan: July
>October Expo: 24th-26th October

Some stuff about me

I'm highly passionate about cosplaying as you can see from my page. I found getting into cosplay has brought me a lot of enjoyment and friendships that never would have happened otherwise, so I owe it a lot. I've been cosplaying since october 2009 and I feel I've come a long way from someone who'd never even touched a sewing machine. Now I make (almost) all of my outfits, accessories and all from scratch, with help from my lovely closest friends <3 :star:
I have a lot of interest in Japanese history (personally I blame Basara and Samurai Warriors for that) so i've spent some nights researching in depth about it and i've found it to be highly interesting how much Koei and Capcom have warped it. Not that it's a bad thing by any stretch, I believe what they did with the knowledge was wonderful and i'm very glad I kept at Basara and still am latched to it. I respect the Date family a lot and the way Masamune ruled his lands, so in a way I guess my tattoo pays tribute to that. I'm really keen to go to Sendai one day and see Masamune's grave and the statue of him there. :star:

:heart: date clan stamp xDDD by MasamuneRevolution :heart:

My main fandoms <3

| Sengoku Basara | Ace Attorney | Doctor Who | Kill la Kill | One Piece |

Other fandoms I like~
Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi, Kingdom Hearts. Basically most things i've cosplayed.

Sengoku Basara Stamp by tenjin-kai Doctor Who Stamp by Malcassairo Objection Stamp by Busiris Koei Fan Stamp by MagnoliasDragon
Current Residence: The TARDIS

Personal Quote: ''The conceited always trip over their own egos''

IIIIII'm back! (Sorta?)

Thu Mar 20, 2014, 11:12 AM

| Gallery | Tumblr | Facebook Page | Cosplay Island |
Journal CSS by Rin-Shiba & edited by LauzyJayne

Right, so here we are again, a whooooole year later and dang has a lot happened to me since last February!

:bulletwhite: Tbh the most important thing first I suppose is that I have recently come out as genderfluid, and as such I do prefer they/them pronouns and have also dropped the 'a' from the end of my name. So if it's not too much bother could you refer to me as Laur (said like Law) or Lauzy! Thank you! I won't go into my other gender issues but for the first time in years I have finally started the slow process to feeling comfortable within my body.

:bulletblack: Another thing is that I have a wonderful new girlfriend, who I've been with for going on 5 months now uwu. She is the most amazing partner I have ever had the pleasure of being with and we have many cosplays planned together for the future, so keep an eye out! Her deviantart is ZOMBIEfurby but she hasn't used it in a while (like me aha), but she IS active on her photography facebook page:…;

:bulletwhite: And so here we are, March 2014 with Kitacon just around the corner and a whole bunch of cosplays coming up from the fandom of One Piece! Yeah, yeah I know, "Lauzy you're ALWAYS fandom hopping"; but I am still very much into Ace Attorney and Basara and will be cosplaying them both at Kitacon! Personally I feel I have improved in my sewing ability through the course I take at college (fashion) and my newer costumes reflect this. I was especially happy with my Simon Blackquill cosplay that I wore to Telford Expo last month and am slowly progressing with my Trafalgar Law cosplay for Kita next weekend!

:bulletblack: As usual, in the footer I will have my cosplay plans for the year though some are subject to change due to finance, fandom hopping, time constraints etc.

So yeah, it's good to be back and I will hopefully be a ton more active on here now. I've cleared out just under 100 of my old submissions and organised the groups I watch on here. My folders are now organised by year with a few titled by fandom (usually because I've done a lot from that one fandom or I just have a love of it uwu). I will also slowly be uploading wigs I have styled and I hope to open up commissions over summer as I will need the moneys to live ;3;

:damphyr: Peace out watchers! - Laur xox

Cosplay Plans 2014

Telford Expo - 15th February
> Simon Blackquill - Ace Attorney 5</s>

Birmingham Expo- 22nd March
> Sanji (Fanart Version) - One Piece

Kitacon- 28th-30th March
> Friday: Trafalgar Law (Post Time Skip) - One Piece (Eve: Nanase Haruka - Free!)
> Saturday: simon Blackquill / Sanji (Water 7) - Ace Attorney 5/One Piece (Eve: Date Masamune (Gakuen) - Sengoku Basara
> Sunday: Trafalgar Law (PTS) / Sanji (Strong World) - One Piece (Eve: Sanji (Dressrosa) - One Piece)

May MCM Expo 2014- 24th-26th May
> Friday: Matoi Ryuko (Tracksuit) - Kill la kill (Eve: Undecided)
> Saturday: Sanji (Movie Z) - One Piece (Eve: Shintou Midorima - Kuroko no basuke
> Sunday: Trafalgar Law (Dressrosa) - One Piece

Hyper Japan summer 2014
> Undecided Versions of Sanji/Law - One Piece

MCM October Expo
> Harada Sannosuke - Hakuouki Shinsengumi
> Sakon Shima - Sengoku Basara
  • Listening to: Kill la Kill OST
  • Reading: Zosan fanfiction
  • Watching: One Piece
  • Playing: Pirate Warriors 2
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: coke zero




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